Taipei, Taiwan, 19 December 2006: Tomato Flash is pleased to announce the official release this one of the leading innovative product: Tomato Flash PowerSD set today. By simply adopting the adaptors, it could transform a microSD card into a miniSD card as well as a standard SD card. The design is an extremely flexible and cost-saving solution on the market for people who demand various memory cards in different portable devices.

One fine example could express clearly how Tomato Flash PowerSD could be the smartest way that fulfills consumers'requirement. For individual digital device manufacturers apply diverse formats of flash memory cards to different platforms e.g. mobile phones, PDA, MP3 players & digital cameras nowadays, consumers may have trouble to switch digital devices without switching the flash memory cards. Yet the Tomato Flash PowerSD set successfully resolve the problems. Because the set includes one microSD card, one microSD to miniSD adapter and one miniSD to standard SD adapter, it compatible with the most common memory standards-SD series (including SD, miniSD and microSD) in the market. Consumers do not have to worry about switching devices and/or spend extra money on purchasing other types of memory cards again.

Tomato Flash PowerSD set is a multi-functional, 3 in 1 memory card solution. We guaranteed its compatibility with micoSD, miniSD and standard SD slot devices. Now you could enjoy the convenience of using it in any microSD, miniSD and SD compatible devices, from mobile handsets, MP3 to laptops. Not only perfect your world, Tomato Flash PowerSD set perfects your digital devices!

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