Cloud has taken over technology world by storm. By next year, more than 80 percent of all business workloads are expected to be moved to the cloud. If you're still hesitant about moving your small business operations online or wondering what exactly the benefits would be, keep reading. We are breaking down 6 reasons the cloud can help take your business to the next level.

    1. The Ability to Work from Anywhere

If your small business lacks a traditional office space, you or your employees enjoy the ability to work remotely or you're simply out of the office often for meetings with clients, the cloud is an invaluable tool. It allows work to continue from anywhere, seamlessly and without any interruptions.

If you travel to meet with clients, the cloud also makes it easy to access your records and accounts from anywhere. Show off your latest products and services, check payment records and more, while you're right there with your client.

    1. Collaborate Like Never Before

Not only does the cloud allow your employees to work from anywhere, but it also allows them to work together from anywhere. Members of your team can collaborate on projects and edit documents without worrying about emailing each other back and forth. This also eliminates the risk of old versions of a document getting shared or worked on; everyone has access to the latest version, at all times.

    1. No More Lost Connections

Cloud software isn't just for saving documents or collaborating on projects. Software-based phones and answering machines make taking client calls a breeze.

cloud phone system for small business saves your call information in a log that you can access anytime, anywhere. Calls can be placed, voicemails saved, logs filed and more, all from your laptop, desktop, tablet or even your cellphone. You won't have to worry about being tied to a desk phone that you can only access when you're in the office, and you won't have to invest in a new phone system to replace your existing tech.

    1. The Flexibility of Device Options

When it comes to using non-cloud-based software, you're often limited in which types of devices you can access your programs on. The right cloud software will allow you to work and access your information from any device. This means you can use your desktop in the office, your laptop at client meetings, your tablet on your commute and even your smartphone while waiting in line at the bank.

    1. No More Worrying About Lost Documents

You spill your morning cup of coffee on your laptop. A power surge takes out your desktop. An employee quits suddenly, taking that nearly finished project with them. Without the cloud, you may not stand a chance at receiving the documents and other saved files you've lost. Especially if you're like over a quarter of small businesses that don't have IT support. But the cloud means that your files are backed up online so that you'll still have access even if your favourite device dies on you.

    1. Never Run Out of Storage Again

From downloading software to saving files year after year, your small business likely runs out of gigabytes fast. The cloud eliminates this issue. Because everything is saved entirely online and can be accessed and worked on online, you don't have to worry about ever saving files to a desktop, laptop or external storage.

Making the Move to the Cloud

There's no denying the benefits the cloud has to offer small businesses. From giving you access to your files from anywhere to backing up sensitive data, it saves time, money and stress for small business owners and employees.

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