With its appointment as an authorised Salesforce reseller partner, Acquire has further bolstered its extensive software portfolio, providing clients with access to full-stack solutions that meet every need from hardware infrastructure right through to the applications that help run efficient organisations. Needing little introduction, Salesforce is a leading software vendor providing cloud customer relationship management (CRM) software and a suite of applications focused on sales, customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.

Acquire founder and director Kelly Raines says Salesforce is recognised as a leader in its field and is among the most popular cloud application vendors for midsize to larger companies. “Adding Salesforce to our extensive portfolio strengthens our reach with a sound value proposition, combining ease of online procurement and licensing with rapid access to advanced ‘on the go’ Customer Relationship Management and other applications used by increasingly mobile workforces,” he says.

And while Salesforce has become one of the world’s largest software companies thanks to its market penetration with mid to larger companies, Raines says its applications are just as suitable for the small businesses which comprise the vast bulk of New Zealand’s organisations. “Salesforce puts the power of enterprise software in the hands of the small business owner,” he says. “For example, a 1 to 9-user annual license for Sales Cloud Professional is priced at just a little over $120.”

With such sharp pricing for powerful and proven software, Raines believes there is considerable potential for Salesforce within the Acquire customer base. “As more organisations take note of the value of digitisation for effective and automated customer management, we’re making the best applications available with ease of access, payment and support.”

Demand for Salesforce solutions is strong in the Australia and New Zealand market, with the vendor recently reporting revenue growth of more than thirty percent across the region as reported in Reseller News in August 2022. Of particular note, says Raines, is the New Zealand revenue increasing from NZ$33.2 million to NZ$50 million. “This tells us two things. The first is that the local market is just getting started on Salesforce, and potentially for digital customer management solutions in general. And it also tells us that further high double-digit growth is likely as word spreads.”

Salesforce’s NZ Channel Manager, Natasha Mahony welcomes Acquire on board. “Since 2001 Acquire has revolutionised the route to market for technology products as an online reseller. This fits well with our model of delivering quality software as a service that powers companies across the world, and – increasingly – across New Zealand.”

The partner agreement is effective immediately, with a range of Salesforce solutions now available for purchase from www.acquire.co.nz.

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