Announcing Acquire Enterprise Solutions! is proud to announce the launch of Acquire Enterprise Solutions.  Enterprise Solutions, led by Jonathan Drake, will focus on delivering core IT infrastructure such as servers and storage to Acquire business customers, supported by a strong consultancy and configuration capability.
Jonathan has over 14 years experience in IT service and sales, with the last decade spent in the presales, sales and marketing of server solutions.  Until recently, Jonathan worked at Hewlett Packard as NZ Marketing Manager for Business Critical Servers.  With experience in Windows, Linux and Unix servers including Sun, SGI, IBM and HP systems, Jonathan brings considerable skills and capability to Acquire Enterprise Solutions.  A particular specialist focus for Jonathan is business application and database servers, supporting customers with legacy Unix systems migrate to future-proof platforms.
'The focus for many customers buying - and resellers selling - server and storage solutions is on the system being fit for purpose,' says Jonathan.  'That is, that it supports the appropriate business applications with the necessary capacity.  This is important, however I like to go further in working with my customers to optimise the often significant spend on servers and storage - ensuring the best spend of the IT budget, and an environment that can grow flexibly with the business.  As well as producing system configurations and quotations, I can assist with the business case - quantifying the return on IT investment.'
'The formation of Acquire Enterprise Solutions combines the industry's most cost-effective IT procurement engine and operation, with a sophisticated server and storage consultancy.'
Jonathan's services are free and available immediately to Acquire customers, so if you require assistance with requirements for Server Blades, Server Virtualisation, SAN Storage, or other server or storage infrastructure contact Jonathan now.


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