Wi-Fi is an essential part of any business. The smooth, hassle-free experience that customers get with great Wi-Fi at your business adds to their loyalty and thus increases your profits. Whether you run a store, a medical office, a restaurant or other business, your employees also expect to stay connected all the time. It doesn’t matter whether your business is large or small, your customers and employees expect a great Wi-Fi experience.

Wi-Fi that Rises Above the Rest

That’s why Aruba introduced Aruba Instant On in June 2019. Aruba Instant On is designed for the needs of small and midsized businesses (SMBs) like yours, providing a simple and cost-effective wireless LAN (WLAN) solution.

When you choose Aruba Instant On for your WLAN, you get a business-grade product with advanced and self-optimizing radio-frequency (RF) features, best-in-class security and continuous improvements with regular, nondisruptive software updates that happen when it’s convenient for you.

Plus, with Aruba, you make a one-time purchase of wireless APs, because there are no hidden subscriptions or costs. You don’t pay extra for the cloud-based management platform, because it is included in the price of the AP.

Get More for Your Money

With the latest software release of Aruba Instant On, Aruba delivered a slew of new capabilities that help businesses like your deliver a better Wi-Fi experience and strengthen security. Your business can take advantage of advanced Wi-Fi capabilities without sacrificing simplicity or incurring frustration with complicated technology. And that makes Aruba Instant On different than any other WLAN solution in the market.  

What’s new in Aruba Instant On:

  • Securely separate different employee networks. Businesses often want to keep different types of application traffic separate, such as finance or human resources information, from less sensitive applications. With Aruba Instant On, maintaining that level of security is easier than ever. Aruba added the ability to assign dynamic IP addresses to clients and use network address translation for the outbound traffic, so that only a single IP is visible to the rest of the Internet. Guest traffic was already separated using this feature from the very first day, and now multiple employee networks can also be similarly isolated and protected.
  • Multi-language support. Aruba Instant On is used by businesses worldwide, so we added support for seven languages, in addition to English. The Aruba Instant On mobile app and web portal instantly recognize the mobile device’s locale and automatically update to the appropriate language. The same language is also used for the alert notifications that the user receives.
  • Block bandwidth-hungry or misbehaving clients. Let’s face it, everyone loves to stream video, but watching YouTube is not always the best use of company resources. At some point, customer or employee mobile devices will consume excessive bandwidth and deteriorate the experience for other users. Alternatively, there might be a malicious or unwanted user trying to access your network. You can easily remove such a client from your network with a single click and block them from accessing the network again.
  • Limit bandwidth consumption. Resources such as Wi-Fi bandwidth are finite, and you want to ensure that your employees and business-critical traffic get priority over guest traffic. You can now limit the bandwidth that each user can consume on each of your Wi-Fi networks, whether guest or employee. It’s easy, too. Use a simple slider bar to choose the amount of bandwidth for a particular mobile device.Small and midsize businesses deserve high-performance Wi-Fi that’s simple to install and manage. Our customers tell us that they really like that Aruba Instant On is a one-time investment, but they keep getting more value with every software release.

Stay tuned for more great functionality. Aruba is continuing to set the bar when it comes to high-performance, affordable Wi-Fi designed to fit your needs.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to set up Aruba Instant On.

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