Digital devices are an integral part of the modern workplace, helping users become more flexible, efficient and productive - with the ability to work whenever and wherever they need to.

The downside is that organisations must stay abreast of technology as well as all the associated risks the digital era brings. With users increasingly accessing critical business information on the go – via their smartphones, tablets and laptops – security concerns should be front of mind. The most obvious risks include using unsecured networks, having a device stolen or misplaced, and more aggressive threats like viruses and malware.

Despite this, the productivity advantages of secure devices are undeniable: here are five key benefits.

1. Instant document access

Having instant access to your documents on your mobile device means no more lost documents or confusion over version control. You can also collaborate on the fly, retrieve and share data when and when you want, or make meeting notes before you return to base.

Unfortunately, instant access also means other people could gain access to your data, so your IT team needs to have a clear idea of what the principal threats are and put measures in place to combat them.

2. Connection security

Having absolute peace of mind when you are on the road means being able to connect securely, so you can collaborate and communicate freely with colleagues and customers. Here, all your critical data must be safeguarded, which makes a mobile device security policy essential for all mobile users on your team. You could also consider using a virtual private network (VPN) to secure connections between your users’ mobile devices and your servers.

3. Full device control

Having a security-aware environment also means giving all your users better insights into how their machines work and how to use them more effectively. User education is key – and needs to be led by the IT function, who must onboard all users so they are aware of all the relevant security threats as well as your mobile device management policy. A seamless experience from all devices is necessary to maximise the productivity potential of a mobile workforce.

4. Time savings

Devices that function smoothly can also help your teams save time – but only if they are not being distracted by IT glitches and housekeeping. This means devices must receive ongoing security and software updates, and get automatic backups so your users can focus their energy and time on being productive.

5. Having the right hardware

Having the right hardware can also help ensure your users are productive. Machines like HP’s EliteBooks – such as the flexible EliteBook x360 1040 G6 notebook – enable users to have total peace of mind with a range of integrated security management features. This includes hardware-enforced security features that can help to proactively prevent threats, such as automatically recovering from a firmware attack or security breach.

At the end of the day you need to strike a balance between IT security and business productivity. By adopting the latest technologies, prioritising user education and reviewing your policies regularly, you’ll be in good shape.

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