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What is a wireless network?

Wireless networks use a radio link instead of cables to connect computers. Wireless access to network resources and the internet is becoming extremely popular due to convenience and flexibility. You are no longer tied to your desk to get work done.

What you need to know!

Wireless networks use a radio link instead of cables to connect computers. As a result, anyone within radio range can theoretically listen in or transmit data on the network. Security features built into wireless networks products are often turned off by default as this makes them easier to set up. Connecting to a non secure wireless network can be as simple as turning on your laptop. Even worse, freely available tools allow intruders to 'sniff' for insecure networks. As a result, crooks do not have to be computer-savvy to help themselves to your wireless network.

What could go wrong?

If a criminal connected to your network, They could surf the internet to sites that can contain information about illegal material. If the authorities are tracking this they would find out that your connection was used for illegal activities. Definitely not something your business wants to be tied to. They may be able to find their way into your computer data, accessing sensitive information like your payroll information. Often these types of individuals like to cause disruption to your systems by deleting information and disabling systems.

What you need to do!

Enabling wireless security can protect your business against hackers and criminals. Choosing not to implement security can put your network and its data at risk and cause you to be susceptible to criminal activity.

If you have any concerns with your wireless network please talk to one of our service partners they will be able to help you out.

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