A product is only as great as its quality. And quality built into the overall product design requires more than just a mix of technologies, best practices, and high standards; it requires a mindset that understands that each design detail is as important as the next, each potentially a spark of quality innovation. At HP, we make a quality commitment and stand by it. We follow through with our promises. We believe that we can always do it better—and then we do. And that belief pushes our quality standards ever higher. Quality delivers a higher return on investment to our customers. We want them to be happy with their product throughout its lifecycle. 


At HP, we believe quality matters. Quality is core to HP’s legacy. HP’s strong focus on quality design and engineering innovations dates back to its early beginnings with Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. Quality is foremost at every stage of HP’s product development process. From the earliest design stage through product testing, manufacturing, service and support, and eventual end-of-life, we remain alert for new opportunities to improve our products, services, and customer relationships.


Our goal is to make our products the highest possible quality with the lowest total cost of ownership. We are focused on enhancing our customers’ experience with products that deliver the best price, features set, and value proposition. The HP Business PC portfolio gives customers that perfect balance of cost efficiency, reliability, durability, and innovative design. Quality is built into every product as a design requirement. HP Business PCs are designed to meet the demands of leading businesses. Built from high-quality materials and backed by legendary HP reliability, these stylish and sturdy devices are powerful yet simple to use.


As part of the design process, all HP Elite, HP Pro, Z by HP, HP Chromebooks and select HP Thin Clients undergo the HP Total Test Process (TTP)1 — an exhaustive series of rigorous tests and validation procedures that demonstrate superior quality and reliability in a wide range of applications and operating environments. To help make our business PCs more robust and a more dependable tool for our customers’ evolving business needs, our testing process is constantly reviewed and enhanced. The HP Total Test Process is an outgrowth of the longstanding HP commitment to quality. That’s why we go to extreme measures to build high reliability into every HP Business PC. Our comprehensive and proven testing program consists of a minimum of 120,000 hours of rigorous multi-tiered testing and validation procedures per computing platform. The program, driven by rigid quality specifications and standards, includes 50,000 test steps, with 240 industry-standard hardware and software products tested for compatibility.  Pre-launch HP Business PCs are exposed to rigorous conditions including harsh drops and vibration, high temperatures, and enduring mechanical and functional tests that simulate rough handling over the life of the product. Strong reliability can mean less downtime and a lower cost of ownership. Knowledge gained through the HP Total Test Process leads to many innovations that allow HP Business PCs to deliver an enhanced computing experience. Customers can rely on HP Business PCs to help them perform at their very best when their most demanding work is on the line.


First impressions are important, as they set the expectations for the rest of the user experience. HP design engineers excel at designing that very important first experience. Clean implementation of innovative PC technologies starts with a holistic design approach to quality. Design engineers work in conjunction with the manufacturing engineers to optimize the design for production in a way that upholds extremely high quality. Any given HP Business PC design will go through multiple small builds to fine-tune the design for optimal quality and manufacturability before the design is finalized. HP Business PCs are subject to multiple design enhancements prior to our first-production build, resulting in a final design that is as elegantly built as was originally envisioned by the design engineer. HP’s attractive enterprise-class industrial designs, which combine innovation with style, use high-quality materials and flawless finishes. HP’s leading-edge chassis construction, component accessibility, electrical and air flow designs elevate the customer e

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