The HP Storage Product Selector, which continues to garnish rave reviews from HP customers and partners alike, has been revised to make storage product identification easier than ever--for both entry-level and mid-range/enterprise storage customer environments!
In addition to the inclusion of the new and updated storage products announced on November 12, several tool infrastructure modifications have been made—including colour coding--to better accommodate the needs and environments of SMB customers and better represent the span of our products' capabilities.
The Storage Product Selector can be accessed directly at, or from links on all HP StorageWorks Product Family pages.
The Storage Selector is an intuitive tool that simplifies the HP StorageWorks online review and buying experience, and puts the user in control of the product information he's presented.  The tool allows the user to navigate through the vast portfolio of HP storage products via a simple menu of choices, which visually reduces the number of storage options presented, based on user-selected criteria.  The user can refine his product options by adding/modifying defined criteria; or by selecting one of the products presented at any time.
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