There are about 50 million tons of electronic-waste, or e-waste, generated on an annual basis globally. Substances that go into electronic products have impacts to soil, water and ultimately, human health. The rapid pace of innovation in electronic products and growing impacts of a “take, make, dispose” production and consumption cycle are increasing the need for a Circular Economy. HPE thinks and acts responsibly when it comes to the design, manufacture, retiring of products at the end of use, and recycling at the end of their life.

The Circular Economy is a shift from the traditional linear economy into a model that’s regenerative in nature. At HPE, one of the most exciting aspects of their environmental program is the HPE Technology Renewal Centres. The centres in Andover, Massachusetts and Erskine, Scotland help extend the life of technology whenever possible, and securely and responsibly recycle materials where appropriate.

Of the products that comes in the door, more than 89 percent is refurbished and sold to new customers. The remaining portion is sent to be recycled in a responsible way to have impact at scale.

HPE Technology Renewal Centre

Data centre products that come into the Technology Renewal Centres are separated into their component products, tested for functionality and evaluated for authenticity to ensure no counterfeit or sub-standard parts have been added to the system.

Drives are wiped to ensure any existing customer data is securely removed and that the drives are fully functional.

Systems can be custom configured to customer specifications, including the addition of memory, processors and software/ firmware.

The technology undergoes final configuration and testing.

Products are reassembled and packaged for shipment to customer sites.

HPE Technology Renewal Centres also process laptops, desktops, workstations and even mobile products from multiple manufacturers.


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