Introducing HP’s G9 EliteBook range: Designed for a hybrid world

In lifting the covers on a new range of EliteBooks, leading device manufacturer HP has delivered laptops designed for new ways of working with a focus on security, convenience, performance…and sustainability. Long-time EliteBook fans won’t be disappointed, either, as the new G9 800 Series and G9 1000 Series devices are shot through with the brand DNA, offering an updated yet familiar look and feel that is unmistakably HP business.

HP Product Evangelist Carlin Diprose recently shared his thoughts with Acquire Global, providing insight into the design brief for the new products: “We’ve acknowledged just how much the workplace has changed, with rapid adoption of hybrid work where every organisation in the country moved to this new way of working overnight.”

And while Teams, Zoom and other platforms proved a godsend in challenging times, they weren’t – and aren’t – without their frustrations. “With the amount of time we’ve spent on them, we’ve all identified the limitations, especially in larger conferences,” Diprose points out.

As a degree of normalcy returns, he says the time is ripe to move from ‘hybrid work by necessity’, to ‘hybrid work by design’. Acquire Global HP Brand Manager Lauren DeWit agrees. “With many organisations coming into device upgrade cycles, the introduction of the new EliteBook G9 800 and 1000 is an ideal opportunity for considering laptops made for the way you – and your people – work,” she says.

The range: HP EliteBook G9 800 Series and G9 1000 Series

The 800 Series is available in three screen sizes, and the 1000 Series in just two. Intel 12th generation CPUs are common across the range, as are multiple security and convenience features (more on that momentarily). They are:

  • G9 Series 830 – 13-inch screen; the G9 830 360 offers a convertible screen.
  • G9 Series 840 – 14-inch screen.
  • G9 Series 860 – 16-inch screen. This replaces the previous-generation 850, with the largest screen size bumped up an inch.

The 1000 Series comprises one model, the G9 Series 1040 built around a 14-inch screen; it is also available as the G9 1040 360, with the convertible screen.

Diprose says HP has dropped a 13-inch screen from the 1000 Series, as demand for smaller screens wanes. “The 800 and 1000 Series are practically identical with the difference being the chassis. While the 800 has an aluminium body, the 1000 is magnesium, making it around 100 grams lighter.”

The G9 800 Series starts at around 1.27kg, and the 1000 Series at 1.18kg.

Productivity, security, and convenience

A new feature across the G9 range is 16:10 aspect ratios, an evolution of the 16:9 standard which makes the screens surprisingly bigger vertically; Diprose says this is handy for text-heavy applications. Ports are plentiful, including two full USB-As, a full-size HDMI, and two Thunderbolt 4 USB-Cs. A headphone jack is retained. Some models include 5G wireless, and therefore feature a SIM-slot, too.

Coming back to communication and collaboration, Diprose says the G9 Series feature enhancements making Teams, Zoom and other ‘on the go’ applications far easier. This includes hardware features like 5MP webcam, premium Bang and Olufsen audio, and AI-driven HP Context Aware optimisation for performance, comfort and responsiveness. Yes, Context Aware knows when your laptop is on your lap – and reduces operating temperature by 5 degrees C!

The webcam is a gem: 4 times more pixels than before, with dual image sensors avoiding overexposure and improving low-light performance. Clever HP Auto Frame face-framing lets you choose what you want to share, adjusting the frame and even following you around with smooth automatic panning and zooming. This combines with AI Noise Reduction and Dynamic Voice Levelling, helping you be heard just as clearly as you are seen.

Security and privacy features are streamlined, too, under HP Wolf Security. This tackles security from three layers: below, within and above the operating system. “Below is hardware-driven, within is inside the operating system, and above is what protects you in the real world, from, for example, ‘visual hacking’ – people looking over your shoulder,” Diprose explains.

In addition to a self-healing BIOS, Wolf Security is built on Zero Trust principles, allowing people to work without worrying about compromise. And those prying eyes? HP Sure View makes the screen unreadable from the side.

A focus on sustainability: Green...and clean

While HP has long championed sustainability, this is a specific design feature in the G9 range, says Diprose. “It’s incredibility important for us. These products use a lot of recycled materials, like 50% of the keycaps made from recycled DVDs, and 30% of the bezel coming from recycled plastic. In the magnesium chassis, 90% of the metal is recycled.”

On top of that, the outer packaging is 100% sustainably sourced and recyclable. As one might imagine, HP has a slew of sustainability certifications accompanying every G Series, including EPEAT Gold, Energy Star and TCO. As for clean, the devices are designed for sanitisation, tested for 1000 cycles with household wipes, and a one-touch button disabling the screen, touchpad and keyboard. Clever!

Seeing is believing

DeWit says the new HP G9 EliteBook range is everything corporate New Zealand is looking for. “These are smart looking devices packed with smart technology, including Windows 11 and 12th generation Intel processors. The best way to appreciate just how good these devices are is to get one in your hands: they are beautifully made and incorporate clever engineering making life that much easier.”

The final word goes to Diprose. “Along with Acquire Global, we’re here to create comprehensive solutions which make work, anywhere, better.”

For more on the HP G9 Series, register below to view our exclusive webinar here.

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