For a limited time Marshal are offering you the opportunity to take advantage of a maintenance renewal promotion.

Renew maintenance for a period of 12 months and Marshal will waiver your lapsed maintenance!

All new maintenance contracts will start from 28 April 2006 and end on 27 April 2007.
Note: This promotion only relates to maintenance which has lapsed prior to 31 December 2005.

This is a one time offer as next year Marshal will send a maintenance renewal notice to end-users so they will know when their renewals are due.

The benefits of Maintenance:

Marshal Technical Phone Support
Spam Censor updates (available for MailMarshal SMTP 6x, MailMarshal Exchange 5.5)
HotFixes and Inline Releases
Service Packs
New Versions (2 new versions of MM and 1 new version of WM due this year!)

What happens if you choose not to take advantage of this promotion?
That's fine, you can renew as normal, but it will cost them more in the long run as you will be renewing from the date that the maintenance expired.
eg. If a your maintenance expired in August 2005, their 1 year renewal will take them to August 2006 and you would need to renew for a further year then.

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