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Today's businesses face limited resources, competing demands and increased competitive pressures, so that's why this month's newsletter focuses on Business Productivity; providing you with an arsenal of tools & techniques to assist in increasing productivity levels within your business.

If you haven't yet had the opportunity to check out the latest innovations from Microsoft, whether it's the new Windows Vista Operating System or the Microsoft Office 2007 spend some time to see what all the hype is about, get the details!

Lastly all businesses can benefit from having their IT in peak condition. That's why Microsoft is offering complimentary IT Health Assessments for small business as part of our SHAPE campaign. This is a great opportunity to get practical advice on your technology, so go for it and register now!

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Business Productivity
Business Productivity with Windows Vista and Microsoft Office

Convert Text to Graphics in PowerPoint Presentations
With new SmartArt tools in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, it doesn't take a graphic artist to make your presentations more visually appealing. Find out more

Scan Your PC for Spyware
Windows Defender - one of many security enhancements included in Windows Vista Business - provides peace of mind to your computing experience by helping detect and remove spyware, annoying pop-up ads and other potentially unwanted software from your PC. Learn more

Make Spreadsheet Data Come Alive with Excel Charts
Turning spreadsheet data into visually compelling graphics is easy with new tools in Microsoft Office Excel 2007. Find out more

How to Use Excel Filtering to Find Data Fast
Many of us find Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets very useful for compiling information about customers, products, sales revenues and other types of data. Find out more

Build a Healthier Workplace

Put a cap on your workweeks: 8 tips
Put a cap on your workweeks: 8 tips
Gregg Steiner refuses to be a 60-hour-a-week slave to his own company. He knows just how to keep the demands of his operation in check. Find out more

Put it in writing: Your business has ethics
Ethics are on people's minds these days, as newspaper headlines scream about insider trading, companies cooking their books, and other scandals involving business executives at mostly major corporations. Find out more

Business Leadership
5 ways to manage the prima donna
We've all encountered them. Prima donnas are those employees who swagger into meetings, convinced that rules are made for everyone else. Learn more

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August 2007
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Business Productivity
Build a Healthier Workplace
Business Leadership

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