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Growing your business can be a challenging process, strong leadership is key. This month we have a range of articles that look at different examples of successful leadership; whether its learning what makes a good boss? or finding out how to communicate more effectively as a leader, there is something for everyone who aspires to become a more effective leader.

Be sure to check out a great case study from Xero, a New Zealand business using Microsoft technologies to help it achieve its ambitious growth plans. Also this month the SHAPE IT Health Assessment is back. It's free so register online.

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new Small to Medium Business Marketing Manager for Microsoft New Zealand. I have been with Microsoft for over 4 years and I look forward to building upon the legacy that Jan Ferguson has created in this newsletter, continuing to deliver content that adds value to you and your business on a monthly basis.
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Business Leadership
Business Leadership   
What makes a good boss?
Everyone tells tales of the boss from . . . But what about the angels of the workplace? Have you ever considered what makes a good boss good? Find out more

8 tips for becoming a true leader
On the surface, the difference between a step and a stumble seems obvious. But in business, plotting long and hard to climb into a leadership role often is indistinguishable from inadvertently falling into one. Find out more

Bosses: 7 communication tips
Funny how many bosses think their subordinates are moving on because of dissatisfaction over what they are paid. Wrong. Find out more

Small Business Case Study
Microsoft helps Xero zero in on small businesses
Xero has built an online accounting system designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses. Based in Wellington and listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange, Xero is run by a team of highly accomplished business, technology and design professionals with a passion for improving how small and medium businesses manage their finances. Find out more

Special Offers
Special Offers   
SHAPE! IT Health Assessment
No matter what size business you are, making sure your IT is in peak condition can have huge business benefits. Assess your current IT infrastructure with SHAPE. Get the details

Build a Healthier Workplace
Need work-life balance? 7 tips Busy? Work causing you to miss out on life? Here are a few tips for helping you to manage a busy lifestyle. Find out more

Sit up straight and keep your wrists in neutral
Ergonomics is not a four-letter word - even though many business owners may think otherwise. Find out more

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