New Zealand Courier Delays
Announcements of delays from NZC due to weather

There will be delays in deliveries to the following areas today:

Wellington: The second truck from Auckland to Wellington is stuck on the desert road near waiuoru, eta to WLG at this stage unknown.

Dunedin, Queenstown, Oamaru and Central Otago are all affected with snow and ice. We cannot at this stage give ETA?s. The lindspass is closed.

The road from Dunedin to Invercargill is marginal and will cause a delay in the freight arriving at Invercargill.

SH1 between Clinton and Gore has been closed by an accident due to road conditions. Two of our trucks to Invercargill are unable to proceed. Their ETA will be advised.

UPDATE 12:00pm:

All Central Otago freight will not be arriving to the depot until approx 5 - 6 pm tonight. Everything is being done to help speed up the process, however we are very weather dependant at this stage.


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