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With the advent of email businesses obtained a tool to pass information in a fashion never before feasible. Colleagues were able to simply and efficiently discuss ideas and send resources, not just between local but also internationally spread colleagues, at just the touch of a button. Inter-departmental correspondence and similar efficiencies were enhanced as never before possible.

Customers could be informed in writing of every conceivable business matter with the ease never before available.

Email has become one of a business’s main utilities for information flow; it is used every day to transmit vital information between customers and colleagues.

With all this information passing in and out of an organisation everyday it was only a matter of time before governments would start to regulate the usage of email and its underlying systems. Indeed, here in New Zealand and Australia, emails and other forms of electronic information are now permissible in courts. With these regulations New Zealand and Australian businesses need a way to save, and more importantly prove, archival schemes of their information in a protected medium. A company’s email resource holds so much vital information, and since mail servers are designed to transport emails not store vast quantities of email, organisations often use PST’s to try to control the ever-growing problem of email storage. This only adds to the problems. Implementing various efficient email archival systems has for sometime been very cost inhibitive to any but the largest of corporate or governmental organisations - until now!

Administrators finally have a way to centralise email and optimise their exchange email servers like never before!

Email archiving from H&S, the world’s leader in Work Flow and Archival solutions, is now available in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore; supplied and supported by Daisy Solutions Ltd. Our exchange@PAM offers a fully scalable, compliant solution which, when setup, is completely transparent to your email clients. In fact, the client will only notice a new icon in their outlook when an email has been archived. By simply clicking on this icon, the email will be returned from the HSM store to the client. Your clients do not need to learn anything new. This together with the supplied add-in gives power users as much or as little control features as the company’s governance permits. Laptop users have not been forgotten and will enjoy the control and protection exchange@PAM offers.

If you would like a free demonstration please contact us. See how you can take back control of your email systems and protect your company’s information.

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