Among the most persistent and pressing security challenges these days is knowing who and what is accessing your network resources. That’s where Okta steps into the picture; for those who don’t know, Okta provides cloud identity and access management (IAM) software for managed secure application access, as well as developer tools for building application identity controls, web services and devices.

If all that sounds useful…it is! After all, the very fabric of what we use every day at work depends on identity and access management. That’s why we’re thrilled to add Okta to the Acquire set of security tools, giving our resellers greater access to the necessary services that result in secure technology estates across New Zealand.

Okta has impressed Gartner, too. The technology research and consulting firm has, for the seventh year in a row, recognised the vendor as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Access Management. The most recent evaluation was issued in October 2023, and placed Okta highest on the ‘Ability to Execute axis for the third year running. ‘Ability to Execute’ is a key metric, because it means Okta is confirmed as walking the walk, rather than talking the talk – what it says on the can, is what it is likely to do!

There are two major solutions available from Okta. The first is the Customer Identity Cloud. This takes care of a crucial aspect for application developers: allowing customers in, while keeping everyone else out. Okta Customer Identity Cloud is the answer for building strong digital relationships, where users are kept safe and – crucially – developers just need not worry about identity and access management. You know what that means: they spend more time developing features, fixing bugs, and creating new software. The boring (but crucial) stuff is left to the experts.

Customer Identity Cloud is suitable for Consumer facing apps, as well as the heftier Software as a Service apps found in the enterprise.

Got people? Get Okta’s Workforce Identity Cloud. As the name implies, this solution targets employee identification and access management. These days, people work from anywhere, coming into the network or accessing cloud assets from home, the local café, or from that conference over in the United States.

Whatever the situation, Workforce Identity Cloud provides easy, secure access for your people. This makes things easier for the IT department, because instead of hassling with IAM, they’re focused on the things that matter for your business. Not the essential, but unexciting bit of making sure employees can get to the applications and services they need fast and with ease. It’s flexible, too, taking into account the way we work in more ways than one. Contractors? No problem. Business partners? All good.

Give every worker, everywhere, secure access to everything they need.

Find out more about Okta, or get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through, or schedule a demo.

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