Taipei, Taiwan, 9 February 2007: Tomato Flash officially announced today that Tomato Flash's grand launch ceremonies and promotional campaigns will be held in Australia and New Zealand individually since this March.

This marks the opening of another significant market as part of the Tomato Flash brand in the global flash memory market. From late 2006, Tomato Flash has already expanded to India, Korea and other parts of Asia. Starting from January 2007, the Tomato Flash products are prevalent and made available among both Australia and New Zealand's flash memory retail, commercial and consumer channels.

The grand launch ceremonies will also bring the attentions to some of the patent awarded products of Tomato Flash, including Tomato Flash Micro Pro Duo and Tomato Flash PowerSD set. Promotion activities will be co-operating with media to create the brand awareness to end-users. All Tomato Flash products will formally be exposed to the public throughout Australia and New Zealand region.

The grand launch ceremonies will be held in Sydney and Auckland, Other individual sales seminars will be held separately in other large cities.

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