ADSL2+ reached consent at the ITU in January 2003, joining the ADSL2 standards family as G.992.5. ADSL2+ doubles the downstream bandwidth, increasing the downstream data rate to as much as 25 Mbps.

While the first two members of the ADSL2 standards family specify a downstream frequency band up to 1.1 MHz and 552 kHz respectively, ADSL2+ specifies a downstream frequency up to 2.2 MHz The result is a significant increase in data rates on shorter phone lines.

On special this week is the USRobotics ADSL2+ Router which includes a free VOIP phone.
For a generation, U.S. Robotics has been at the forefront of the information revolution, building the world's number 1 selling modem brand by providing innovative Internet access solutions to millions of homes and businesses around the globe.

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