Why 43 is the new 25: Say hello to extensive new additions to Lenovo lineup

There’s a lot to love in the 2022 Lenovo lineup, with no fewer than 43 new models joining the range so there’s something to suit the needs of, well, just about everyone. Forty-three is the new 25 because where once 25 or fewer devices might have cut the mustard, the way we use devices – and our demands on them – has become so differentiated that more options mean perfect accuracy for everyone.

That’s according to Acquire Global’s Lenovo Brand Manager Jake Huang who says the Lenovo range breaks down into models including the ever-popular ThinkPad, ThinkBook, IdeaPad, and ThinkStation with new devices in every category. “There’s a lot to get to in a range with that many models – but let’s start with what each product series represents, because that’s the best way of narrowing it down to the device perfect for you.”

What’s common across the range is quality build and Lenovo’s commitment to sustainability. “Whichever Lenovo is right for you, have confidence that it was made with the environment in mind. And the first step towards sustainability is a device built to last.”


1.       Lenovo ThinkPad (These laptops mean…big business)

Designed for corporate use, there are a couple of features which stand out across the Lenovo ThinkPad range: extra security and encryption, and the premium Windows 11 Pro operating system. A ThinkPad is ready for heavy use, with impeccable build quality and looks that say, ‘hello boardroom’.

Jake’s top pick for the new additions in the lineup is the ThinkPad Z16 Gen 1.

This is a true combination of modern progressive design, enhanced collaboration features and takes sustainability super-seriously.

“The Z16 has ultra-narrow bezels, a new premium camera as well as a digital microphone array up at the top,” Jake says, “Along with up to 4k OLED panel, iconic ThinkPad Keyboard with embedded fingerprint reader and Dolby Voice enhanced audio system. That makes it perfect for modern collaboration.”

It arrives with a flourish, too.  Packaged in 100% renewable and home-compostable bamboo and sugarcane fibre, Lenovo even uses recycled aluminum in the chassis of the new Z16 – marking a first in the ThinkPad platform.

The device has Jake excited: “I can’t wait to see this new Z16 built with the same durability, reliability and carrying the legendary ThinkPad reputation recognised in the industry for the past 20 years. And it’ll be in the market this quarter.”

2.       Lenovo ThinkBook (These laptops mean...adaptability and ease of use)

A major design and innovation focus for Lenovo, the ThinkBook range offers multiple form-factors, designs, and a wealth of new features. With screen sizes 13” to 16”, there are plenty of options from which to choose. Jake points to standout smart features now built into new-generation ThinkBooks. “These innovations help make using your laptop a better, more rewarding experience, and include AI-enabled noise cancellation reducing background noise, and eyecare mode seamlessly adjusting color temperature so you focus on your work without straining your vision.”

Among his favourite new ThinkBook models is the ThinkBook Plus Gen3. “With a 17” super IPS widescreen display with internal 3k resolution, the Plus Gen3 goes a step further with a secondary 8” display to the right of the keyboard.”

It’s a revolutionary design, with the pen-enabled 800x1280 resolution touchscreen ready to help with tasks including notetaking, quick sketches, or file editing alongside your main tasks on the big screen. “Lenovo says ‘We always Think Different. Different is Better’. And this innovative device truly brings that to life.”

3.       Lenovo IdeaPad (these laptops mean…everyday use)

IdeaPads are ideal for those who need a device, but don’t have particularly hard demands of it. Those using word processors, spreadsheets, browsers and not a great deal more will find the perfect match in the IdeaPad range: “Capable, affordable, and durable sums up the IdeaPad,” comments Jake, adding that the devices feature Microsoft Windows 11 Home & Windows 11 Pro.

His pick of the IdeaPad range is the V14. “With both great performance and portability, the V14 is designed for today’s hybrid employees and students on the go. It delivers bold visuals on an optimized full-HD screen, speeds up tasks, and enhances digital meetings in a compact and lightweight form,” says Jake.

The Lenovo V14 is particularly well-suited for small business, student, and consumer users, delivering on a budget without skimping on what matters most. “It offers the industry’s highest performance-to-cost ratio for an entry-level laptop, thanks to the power of the latest Intel Core i7 Processor plenty of memory and storage,” Jake adds.

4         Lenovo ThinkStation (These machines mean…powerful performance without disruption)

When it comes to serious business where reliability and performance can’t be compromised there is only one choice, says Jake. “Lenovo ThinkStations are designed and built for different niche industries and are therefore highly specific to their purpose. Key industries for which we supply ThinkStations include Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Government & Education and Media & Entertainment.”

Every Lenovo ThinkStation features superior engineering and innovative design, tested, and certified to render apps seamlessly by independent software vendors (ISVs) operating in these niche vertical industries. Whether complex graphics, computer aided design, or AI, Jake says Lenovo has a suitable workstation that works for you. “If you’re working in an industry where a workstation is essential equipment, Lenovo has what it takes.”

Which Lenovo is best for you?

43 new additions are a lot, and Jake points out that every one of them is individually configurable making for an almost infinite number of options, so your Lenovo is just right for you. “Lenovo has really gone far and wide in creating an extensive selection of devices so there’s something ideal for your needs, whatever those are. I’d invite you to have a look – and if you need help, get in touch. That’s what we’re here for.”

Contact our Lenovo Brand Manager, Jake Huang about the best option to suit your business today!

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