We humans are creatures of habit, so it can be daunting making changes in our lives – whether it be adopting a new exercise regime, moving home or learning to use a new operating system (OS).

However, Windows 10 takes the intimidation and concern out of learning a new OS, with the latest version a breeze to find your way around.

What's more, the impressive features under its hood will actually have you wondering how you got by this long without Windows 10.

Ease of use

If you're a Windows user simply looking to upgrade, you'll feel right at home with Windows 10.

The team at Microsoft have maintained their easy-to-navigate desktop, although they've made updates to make your device significantly more powerful using Windows 10, thereby helping you become more productive.

What's more, with OneDrive you won't even have to relearn where all your files are – they will be organised in the same places, using the same logic as you set up on your previous Windows device. It makes the move from a former Windows system to 10 a quick, hassle-free experience.

As for users making the leap from a completely different OS, Windows 10 features an intuitive interface that you'll pick up in no time.


It's the fastest-growing language in the world, which is why an emoji keyboard is more than just a fun feature on Windows 10 – it's also hugely practical!

It's indicative of what you can expect from an operating system full of smart features that make you smile.

Cortana is a digital assistant who you'll come to trust completely – both with your bank details and your favourite dinner orders – your Xbox One games will work on your Windows 10 devices, and you can create virtual desktops to ensure you make the most out of your precious screen real estate.

And with Windows Hello, your device will actually greet you by name and make logging in totally hassle-free.

Advanced features

One of the chief concerns for any connected netizen is security – but it's an issue of the past for Windows 10 users. Firewall and internet protections come baked into this system, helping protect against malware attacks. And with security updates part of the service, you'll defences will be updated against any new threats that appear on the horizon.

Of course, the happy flipside of our connected world is the ability to collaborate with co-workers and friends all over the globe, and Windows 10 has unprecedented opportunities to share your ideas – and contribute to others' – using programs such as Office 365 or the Microsoft Edge web browser.

Flexible platform

While Microsoft may have built its sterling reputation on the back of the personal computer, perhaps the best aspect about Windows 10 is how flexible it is.

Whether you're using a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, Windows 10 is the ultimate operating system for all your devices.

You'll be able to seamlessly move from one device to another, with apps automatically optimising so you always get the best possible performance, regardless of screen size.

It all adds up to an operating system that is staggeringly powerful yet so easy to use – the perfect culmination of modern technology.

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