Wireless Charging, also known as Inductive Charging, is a convenient and cable-free way to charge your electronic devices. It requires two things:

1.      A charger, usually in the form of a puck, a mat or a stand that connects to a power source.

2.      A smartphone, smartwatch or other electronic device that is compatible with wireless charging.

Now you’re ready to charge! Simply place your phone onto the charging base and charging starts immediately.


The beauty of wireless charging is that it’s easy to quickly charge your smartphone wherever you are. Literally, just set down your phone and it starts to charge, so whenever you’re not using it, you’re charging it. No cables, no clutter, no waiting.


Although wireless charging requires a physical connection between a phone and the charger, most wireless charging pads will work through a thin plastic phone case up to 3mm. This means there is no need to remove your smartphone from the case to start charging.


Your smartphone starts charging as soon as it makes contact with the charger – with no cable to join to a specific connector. This means multiple charging positions: landscape, portrait or anywhere in between. From wireless charging pads to portable power banks, there are wireless charging solutions to fit seamlessly into your life.



Connecting to a wireless charger is faster and easier than plugging in cables. Just set your phone down onto the charger, and it starts charging immediately - no need to free up your other hand to find and connect a cable. Wireless chargers also protect your phone from damage caused by repeated connecting and disconnecting, and are more robust than charging cables which may end up showing signs of wear and tear.


Imagine giving your iPhone or Samsung phone a little battery boost every time you put it down. With wireless charging, you can. Wireless chargers come in all shapes and sizes. With one on your nightstand, on your desk, even in your car, it’s easy to keep even the hardest working device charged all day.


Wireless charging is just as fast as using conventional chargers. A 5-watt charging pad will charge your smartphone just as quickly as a 5-watt/1 Amp wall charger – which is usually the kind supplied with your smartphone.



Make sure your wireless charging pad is compatible with your phone to get the fastest wireless charging possible. There are many wireless chargers in the market today delivering up to 15W output, but they may not be finely tuned for your device. For example, the 7.5W BOOST?UP™ Wireless Charger has been tuned to deliver 7.5W fast charging for the new iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8, while 15W chargers on the market have not and will only charge the new iPhones at 5W. Similarly, the Samsung Galaxy smartphones are capable of charging up to 9W wirelessly when using a wireless charging pad specifically tuned for the Samsung Galaxy. Therefore, compatibility is important to unlock faster charging!


Qi is an established, evolving wireless charging standard owned by The Wireless Power Consortium and backed by more than 200 leading companies including Apple, Philips and Belkin. Their goal is to deliver wireless charging easily and safely, while ensuring compatibility across all devices that bear the Qi logo.

Qi standard products include:

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy Note8

It’s important to make sure you have the right charger to charge your smartphone or tablet. Look for the Qi logo on packaging to check compatibility with your Qi phone before you buy.



In addition to a robust warranty on each wireless charger, Belkin goes above and beyond to offer a Connected Equipment Warranty. This means that if a consumer is using the wireless charger correctly and their device is damaged by a power surge, Belkin will replace or repair the device.


When it comes to wireless charging, certification could mean the difference between a quick power up and finding your device is only half charged after spending all night on the charging pad. Belkin meticulously maps out the efficiency and power of each charger to ensure maximum surface area for charging while allowing smartphones and other devices to power up through lightweight plastic cases, up to .3mm without sacrificing safety.

As a full-member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), Belkin works closely with the WPC to provide Qi-compatible chargers that are totally safe and exceptionally reliable. In addition, Belkin works closely with device manufacturers like Apple to ensure that wireless chargers meet all required and preferred standards, ensuring your safety and power needs are met.


Looking to the future of technology for over thirty years, Belkin is the number one third-party maker of wireless charging accessories.* The goal at Belkin is to create a future free of cluttered cables and a world where wireless charging is accessible from anywhere.

All Belkin products are designed on-site in California and produced with quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process. Belkin has its own internal manufacturing facility that has passed the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001 quality management requirements. For anything produced outside this facility, Belkin’s quality control specialists are on-site every step of the way. Rigorous testing and quality control throughout the manufacturing process keeps Belkin ahead of the pack while a Connected Equipment Warranty offers total peace of mind.

*Belkin is the #1 selling third-party wireless charging brand on a weekly basis since Aug 2017. The NPD Group, Inc. U.S. Retail Tracking Service, Mobile Power, Charger Wireless, Aug 13 2017 to Nov 19 2017


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