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Diversity Policy

Acquire is committed to providing a work environment in which the principles of diversity and equal opportunity are embodied in all management decisions. Acquire also believes that a key principle behind its success lies in upholding the principle of meritocracy. 

Acquire aims to ensure that all its employees, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, cultural background or other differences have equal access to opportunities in the workplace. This recognises the unique contribution people can make because of their individual backgrounds and different skills, experiences and perspectives. People differ not only on culture and gender, but also have other dimensions, such as lifestyle, education, physical ability, age and family responsibility.

Diversity Objectives

Acquire has the following objectives in regards to its diversity policy:

  • - Recruit from a diverse range of people.
  • - Ensure all employees have access to opportunities without compromising the principle of meritocracy.
  • - Equal pay for equal work.
  • - Continue to build an environment that is accepting of a diverse range of backgrounds and views.

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