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3COM 100 Secure Fiber-FX NIC PCI100Base-FX Connection

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6261102 3COM FC 100-FX SC 1-Port PCI Fibre Secure Controller $319.00 $306.25 30 available Add to basket


1. Product Overview Security Offloads and Fiber-Optic Throughput Designed for Windows, Linux, and NetWare environments, the 3Com 100 Secure Fiber-FX NIC hardens at-risk systems without impacting performance. It combines an embedded security processor with the outstanding signal quality of fiber-optic cabling. This innovative 100BASE-FX connection offloads encryption, authentication, and other cycle-intensive tasks from the host CPUresulting in optimal system and application response. The lack of electrical resistance makes fiber-cabled infrastructures particularly useful for reducing line interference or "noise", extending connection distances over 100 meters, or delivering the highest-quality voice and 2. Other Comments video transmissions. Works with fiber-optic cabling to extend operating distances, lower electrical interference, and resist packet sniffing Secures sensitive data at wire speedswith DES/3DES encryption, MD5 and SHA-1 hashing, RFC 2402 authentication, and up to 75 Security Associations Hardware-enforced security features meet FIPS 140-2 criteria; NIST approval pending Supports larger packetssegments TCP frames for the Ethernet MAC and adds TCP sequence numbers to each packet Uses flow control to reduce lost packets and retransmissions for more efficient data transfer between the NIC and switch Responds to router-based management requests from sleep mode to help resolve IP address-aging issues


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