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3COM Switch 5500-EI 28-Port
  • 3COM 3CR17161-91 (Main)
  • 3COM 3CR17161-91 (Left)
  • 3COM 3CR17161-91 (Left)
  • 3COM 3CR17161-91 (Original)

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5103177 3COM 3CR17161-91 3COM SUPERSTACK 4 SWITCH 550-EI 28-PORT (Refurbished - 90day warranty) Contact us Available 11 May 20 Call to order


1. Product Overview¤* 24 10/100 ports, with 4 SFP slots * Scalable stackable design with¤resilient stacking up to eight units high, or 384 Fast Ethernet ports¤using 2 Gbps stacking bandwidth (4 Gbps full duplex) * 12.8 Gbps¤switching capacity, 9.5 Mpps forwarding rate, maximum. * Wirespeed¤performance across all ports within a stack delivers optimal¤ throughputs and bandwidth for business-critical data and high-speed¤ communications. * Multi-layer operation with static routes, RIP-based¤Layer 3 functionality OSPF, and PIM-DM and PIM-SM.¤2. Other Comments¤* 3Com XRN Stacking Technology provides for the creation of eight-unit¤ stacks that offer chassis-like availability and resiliency over¤ traditional aggregated-trunk configurations. The entire stack is¤ managed as a single-IP management entity, with "masterless" sharing of¤3. recovery. * Load-sharing and cross-stack trunking¤features help eliminate dropped packets, clear up traffic bottlenecks,¤and improve server availability. * Integrated distributed security¤enforcement. * Advanced, time-based Access Control Lists (ACLs) help¤safeguard key network resources from unauthorized access and data¤corruption. * User-based authentication and DES 56-bit or 168-bit¤encryption help secure Layer 3 protocols and management controls. *¤Shared 3Com Operating System consolidates administrative control over¤the entire switching infrastructurecontributing to a more unified¤network environment and providing unparalleled edge-to-core visibility¤& control Limited liftime warranty Ph: 0800 450 454


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  • 269.2 mm
  • 43.2 mm
  • 439.4 mm


  • HPE
  • 5500-EI 28-Port Stackable Switch
  • Ethernet Switch
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • 3CR17161-91
  • http://www.hpe.com

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