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Acquire Professional Services - Junior (ACS-PS-030-JUNIOR)

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Acquire Professional Services - Junior Architect/Engineer Daily Rate (ACS-PS-030-JUNIOR)


Professional Services with Acquire means access to expertise through partnership. Our interest is simple. Help the customer achieve the best outcome.

Building a Professional Services capability takes time and investment and is often enough an obstacle to deter many companies from taking on the initiative in the first place. Those committed to developing home-grown expertise need to consider the broad mix of potential customer requirements and need to maintain the skill-base and capacity to meet foreseeable demand.

Similarly, other circumstances like holiday, sickness or unexpected project delays will regularly test your delivery practices. Whatever approach to Professional Services you have taken, we have built a rich set of capabilities and a depth of resource that is hard to beat. So, whether you want expertise to draw on in place of your own, or a reliable source to complement in-house skills, we promise accessible, reliable, and cost-effective services.

Acquire Professional Services is designed for providing value-add services that support desired outcomes for our customers.

Acquire Consultancy Services

We recognize the need where an extra expert is needed to give advice or provide extra guidance in complex or multi-vendor projects.

With a team of certified consultants that are daily active in the field. Thanks to our broad partner network in various sectors at companies of varying sizes, our consultants can quickly identify a wide range of questions and help pinpoint the exact needs of your customers.

Consultants are available for short and long term projects. 


Why us?

We are agnostic with respect to services and we are 100% customer centric. For end customers, reliability and quality is crucial, especially when new solutions are deployed.

High quality and reliable support services and professional services offer peace of mind. Unclear of the services options available, many end customers approach vendors directly, bypassing services specialist and beyond the initial POC and architecture there is left a gap in capability to squeeze out the best ongoing performance. We offer an add-on or even an alternative to vendor services and enable customers to stay involved, realising greater value and a full understanding of projects and technology advancements.

Why is Acquire best placed to  help in finding additional support services? 

Our partners are equally accredited to the vendor and therefore able to offer like-for-like or better support. 

Highly reliable and more cost effective support services than vendor support contracts. 

Impressive SLAs and support offered round the clock with global coverage. 

Comprised of a team of highly experienced, multi-vendor accredited engineers

Onsite and Field............

Deployments for Edge Devices, Data Centers, and Cloud.........

Technology implementations often require navigating complex end-user environments. Diverse infrastructure variants, incompatible software elements, and security considerations are just a few challenges that implementation teams encounter in the last mile of new technology deployments. The complexity increases even more in global edge-to-cloud business models, as device provisioning, cloud connectivity, and remote management all must occur seamlessly.

Acquire partners offer professional services that target these challenges by offering rapid-deployment solutions that constitute professional expertise and global reach. Experienced professionals can perform simple or complex infield and remote services. From simple rack and stack of technologies like IoT sensor and gateway deployments, to complex installs that include servers, storage, security, cloud, and application deployments.

The professional services portfolio covers a wide range of deployment scenarios. You benefit by availing services to complement your existing deployment teams or by partnering with Acquire as a comprehensive field-deployment conduit.

Deploy complex hardware / software cloud systems

  • Project management of the deployment to coordinate resources and ensure success.
  • Experienced team with up-to-date certifications and years of hands-on participation

Accelerate the learning curve for new technologies

  • Established processes, procedures, and execution capabilities for seamless delivery
  • Knowledge-transfer processes to train users on how to use and maintain their new technology.

Minimize downtime and increase productivity

  • Pre-and post-installation support
  • Flex capacity to meet demand


Install and deploy globally

  • Support for on-site and remote locations
  • Support for installations, decommissioning and ongoing maintenance of systems

Professional Services

Rely on our comprehensive turnkey services or allow us to complement existing capabilities across your entire business ecosystem. Our dedicated global teams provide secure, reliable support and complete management from the time the product arrives in the field. Upgrades, ongoing support, and periodic troubleshooting are all key elements of the portfolio. 

Data Center Services

Safeguard IT investments and implement new technologies quickly

  • Installation and configuration
  • Networking, IP, and edge computing
  • Servers (Compute and Storage)
  • Security

Cloud Services

Optimize workloads, systems, and management, with cloud-based implementations

  • Architecture an technology assessments
  • Security assessments and implementation
  • Cloud migrations from one platform to another
  • Management

Edge/IoT Services

Accelerate IoT adoption with installation, configuration, and deployment services

  • Installation and configuration
  • Networking
  • Application development
  • Cloud integration


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