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  • APC RBC8

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5221009 APC (RBC8) PREMIUM REPLACEMENTBATTERY CARTRIDGE, 1Y WARRANTY (ONBATTERY ONLY) On sale until 2 Feb $588.09 $539.00 Out of stock (check availability) Add to basket
2271745 APC Premium ReplacementBattery Cartridge 1 year warranty (onBattery only) On sale until 2 Feb $588.74 $539.00 Available 7 Feb Add to basket



APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #8

Genuine APC RBC(TM) are tested and certified for compatibility to restore UPS performance to the original specifications.

Includes : All required connectors , Battery recycling guide , Installation Guide , Reusable packaging

Replacement Battery CartridgesFeatures & Benefits

  • Re-usable packaging with clear instructions on how to properly dispose of spent batteries.
    Convenient, easy and green.
  • Fully assembled for easy hot-swap installation
    APC RBCs are safe, reliable and contain a minimum number of connections saving valuable time. Because APC RBCs are hot-swappable, no network downtime is required in order to install them.
  • Prepaid postage to a nearby recycling partner (availability varies by country)
    Insures that almost 100% of the old battery is recycled, protecting the environment.
  • Long battery life
    Designed by APC by Schneider Electric exclusively for APC UPS's for complete compatibility with the intelligent battery management system.
  • Guaranteed UPS compatibility
    Tested and approved to restore the performance of your APC UPS. Maintains UPS safety certifications (UL, VDE, CSA) and lifetime equipment protection policy (as applicable).


Display & graphics

  • 150.9 mm
  • 94 mm
  • 260.1 mm

Power, battery & charging

  • Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)

Exterior & appearance

  • 60


  • APC by Schneider Electric
  • Replacement Battery Cartridge
  • Battery Unit
  • Schneider Electric SA
  • RBC8
  • https://www.se.com/
  • 1 year

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