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D-Link Dualband 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz 18dBi Gain Directional Outdoor Antenna
  • D-Link ANT70-1800 (Main)
  • D-Link ANT70-1800

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The ANT70-1800 directional antenna is a high gain, high-performance dual band antenna for indoor and outdoor installation. This antenna can greatly increase the effective wireless operation range of 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g wireless devices.

Providing 14dBi gain for the 2.4GHz frequency band and 18dBi gain for the 5GHz frequency band, this antenna can be connected to a wireless access point or router to improve signal transmission and reception in a directional angle. It is ideal for connecting two networks locating in two different buildings, or in two different locations in a campus. For indoors use, this antenna is ideal for installation in an exhibition hall or a large lobby.

The ANT70-1800 antenna is equipped with an N-jack connector and can be mounted on a pole. It can be attached to a wireless device through a provided extension antenna cable. ANT70-1800 is suitable for DWL-8200AP installations.

Optional antenna cables:
ANT24-CB03N: 3m antenna cable with N-male to N-female connectors
ANT24-CB06N: 6m antenna cable with N-male to N-female connectors
ANT24-CB09N: 9m antenna cable with N-male to N-female connectors

* Results may vary according to different environment conditions and /or devices


2.4GHz: 30 degree Horizontal Spread & 30 degree Vertical Spread; 5GHz: 15 degree Horizontal Spread & 15 degree Vertical Spread; Approximate Range at 1 / 11 / 54Mbps | 2.4GHz: 6km / 4.5km / 1km | 5GHz: 8km / 5km / 1.5km*; N-Female Connector; 0.5m Length Pigtail Cable with N-Male to RP-SMA supplied; Mounting Kit Supplied; Suitable for dualband products (DWL-7700AP & DWL-8200AP) with detachable Reverse SMA Antenna



  • D-Link
  • ANT70-1800 Dualband Outdoor Directional Antenna
  • Antenna
  • D-Link Systems, Inc
  • ANT70-1800

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