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D-Link SNMP Management Module for DMC-1000 Chassis System
  • D-Link DMC-1002 (Main)
  • D-Link DMC-1002
  • D-Link DMC-1002
  • D-Link DMC-1002

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This module provides SNMP-based and web-based management of all media converter and power supply modules installed in the DMC-1000 chassis. It features a 32-bit, high performance RISC microprocessor executing a real-time operating system. It provides a 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet port for network connection, allowing you to configure and monitor the system through an SNMP management station or from a PC running an Internet browser. An RS-232 port is also provided to let you connect to a console (PC) to set configuration.

The management module periodically polls all converters and power supplies in the chassis to collect information regarding status and configuration settings. It also receives traps for events such as module hot-swaps and power failures as soon as they occur, as well as warning traps, upon which alarms may be sounded out to alert you.


SNMP and web-based standards; 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet port & RS-232 console port; Real-time display of link, speed, duplex status of media converters; Menu-driven terminal program provided for managment via console port or Telnet; Built-in SNMP v.1 agent with MIB-II and enterprise MIBs; Supported traps: cold start, warm start, authentication fail, power fail, fan fail, module insertion, module pullout, port link down and up; Supports factory reset and remote software reboot; Supports redundant backup of media converters; Supports remote setting of configurations of Smart Media Converter modules, like LLCF enable, LLR enable, port enable, auto-negotiation enable; Password protection against unauthorized access; Configuration setting upload/download through TFTP and the web; Firmware upgrade through TFTP and the web



  • D-Link
  • DMC-1002 Management Module
  • Management Module
  • D-Link Systems, Inc
  • DMC-1002

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