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D-Link EasySmart Switch 24-port 10/100/1000
  • D-Link DGS-1100-24 (Main)
  • D-Link DGS-1100-24
  • D-Link DGS-1100-24
  • D-Link DGS-1100-24

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D-Link’s DGS-1100 Series is


Easy to deploy
The DGS-1100 EasySmart Switches support an
intuitive SmartConsole utility and a web-based
management interface that enables administrators to
remotely control their network down to the port level.
The SmartConsole allows customers to discover
multiple D-Link Smart and Easy Smart Switches
within the same L2 network segment. With this utility
users do not need to change the IP address of their
PC and this also makes initial setup of the Smart
Switches quick and easy. Switches within the same
L2 network segment that are connected to the user’s
PC are displayed on-screen for instant access. This
allows for extensive switch configuration and basic
setup of discovered devices including password
changes and firmware upgrades.
Easy Troubleshooting/Security
Network maintenance features include Loopback
Detection and Cable Diagnostics. Loopback Detection
is used to detect loops created by a specific port and
automatically shuts down the affected port. Cable
Diagnostics is designed for network administrators
to quickly examine the quality of the copper cables
and also determine the type of cable error. In
addition Static MAC can disable Auto Learning on
selected ports and can set static MAC addresses
for designated ports helping administrators limit
network access to authorized devices only.


Display & graphics

  • 180.3 mm
  • 43.9 mm
  • 279.4 mm


  • D-Link
  • DGS-1100-24 Ethernet Switch
  • Ethernet Switch
  • D-Link Systems, Inc
  • DGS-1100-24

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