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D-Link ANT24-CB03N 3m Antenna Extension Cable EVALUATION UNIT
  • D-Link ANT24-CB03N (Main)
  • D-Link ANT24-CB03N
  • D-Link ANT24-CB03N

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1757765 D-Link ANT24-CB03N 3M EXTENSION CABLE FOR D-LINK ANTENNAS $69.56 $63.88 Out of stock (check availability) Add to basket
141764 D-Link ANT24-CB03N 3M ANTENNA EXTENSION CABLE On sale until 4 Nov $72.82 $69.71 Out of stock (check availability) Add to basket


PRODUCT FEATURESDesigned for outdoor or rooftop installationsWeather resistantProtected with PCV plastic that is strong but flexible enough to fit into tight working spacesConform to the highest standards and have been certified by UL Laboratories PRODUCT DESCRIPTIOND-Link the industry pioneer in wireless networking introduces the D-Link ANT24-CB03N ANT24-CB06N and ANT24-CB09N Antenna RF Cables. These products are designed for outdoor or rooftop installations when distance between a wireless Access Point (AP) and an antenna is required. With these Radio Frequency (RF) cables and D-Link’s ANT24 line of outdoor antennas an indoor wireless AP/Bridge can be used in an outdoor deployment*.The D-Link ANT24 Antenna RF Cables are available in three lengths: 3m (9.84ft); 6m (19.68ft); and 9m (29.52ft). All of them can be inter-connected. On one end of each cable is an “N-plug” and on the other end is an “N-jack” with high-quality N-type connectors.The D-Link Antenna RF Cables are based on the HDF-400 specification to minimize the signal loss introduced to a wireless LAN. The frequency responses of the cables coincide with the 2.4GHz ISM band so that the cables are ideal for both IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g WLANs. With 50 ohms of impedance the RF cables can be used with most D-Link WLAN products. This impedance match eliminates any Voltage Standing Wave (VSW) issues in an RF circuit and any noticeable decrease in the amplitude of the RF signal. D-Link includes a RF pigtail adapter in N-type and SMA connectors with each of its ANT24 external antennas. The D-Link Antenna Cables can be easily installed with surge protectors and D-Link Wireless APs.Using these reliable pre-cut RF cables with their pre-installed connectors ensures that the WLAN equipment operates optimally providing the best performance possible. With a ANT24 Cable deployment of an outdoor WLAN is now easier and more flexible than ever! * Installers should abide by all FCC or local regulations and requirements before deploying outdoor antennas. Price may differ for back orders. Please contact our CSR for more details.


Designed for outdoor or rooftop installations
Weather resistant
Protected with PCV plastic that is strong but flexible enough to fit into tight working spaces
Conform to the highest standards and have been certified by UL Laboratories



  • D-Link
  • Antenna Cable
  • Network Cable
  • D-Link Systems, Inc
  • ANT24-CB03N

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