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Elite 8 Active Black (100-99160900-99)

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Elite 8 Active Black (100-99160900-99) On sale!
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Tried & tested under extreme conditions, nothing gets past the Elite 8 Active: the world's toughest earbuds. Using military-grade testing, Jabra put these buds through their paces with rigorous cycles of thermal, shock, dust and water treatment, giving you perfect performance in any environment. These buds are made to be completely watertight even when submerged up to 1.5 meters, withstand huge clouds of dust and survive drops from 1 meter totally intact. Even the case is dustproof and splashproof so you won't have to leave it behind. Truly the toughest of them all.


Don't want your phone weighing you down while you're out beating your personal best? Download your music to your smartwatch3, connect your earbuds, and head out for a phone-free run. Your connection will stay solid and stable no matter what, so you can push yourself to the limit without bringing your phone along for the ride. Leave your phone at home but take your music with you.


Built to withstand maximum movement, these buds are staying put no matter how much you move. With ultimate grip thanks to the revolutionary Jabra ShakeGrip™ technology, the buds stay secure in your ear all day without the need for ear wings. Whether you're running a marathon or just running to catch the bus, the feeling of total locked-in safety remains the same. These buds will stay with you every step of the way.


Keep every call smooth, slick and fully audible even when you're on the move. The 6 microphones smartly distinguish between your background noise and your speaking voice, so you're never competing with the sound around you. If you're in a windy environment, the wind-protecting mesh and noise cancellation algorithm strengthens your speech and keeps it sharp, ensuring your conversation stays on point and interference-free.
Whatever the conditions, your call will be clear as day.


Stay in total control of the noise around you. Powerful Adaptive Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) automatically adapts to the environment you're in, filtering out unwanted interference from wind and other surroundings. With 1.6x more ANC compared to Jabra Standard ANC, you can be walking in high winds, running outside in the elements, or blow drying your hair in the changing rooms, hearing the sounds that matter. Noise cancellation, pushed to the limit.


The days of running in silence because your earbuds have run out of battery are over. Never get caught without charge again with 8 hours of pure uninterrupted playback that lasts throughout even your toughest workouts. When they run out of juice, simply pop them into the wireless charging case for a further 24 hours of power. You can also fast charge for rapid energy boost whenever you need it. Battery life that goes the distance.


Add dimension and clarity to your audio experience with Spatial Sound, powered by Dolby. Instead of experiencing sound directly inside the ears, you'll feel sound as if it's outside your head, making listening on earbuds more lifelike. Play a video on your phone or put on your favorite work-out playlist. Dolby Audio can be toggled on or off in the free Jabra Sound+ app, so the choice is yours depending on what you're doing. And the powerful 6mm speakers do the rest. Lifelike sound from every direction.



Need to plot your running route on the move? Connect to your preferred Voice Assistant to get directions, find out the weather forecast or take a call without reaching for your phone. Here to help.



Adaptive Hybrid ANC

Auto adjusted noise cancelling even in windy environments

Spatial Sound

Immersive sound powered by Dolby

Wind neutralizing HearThrough

Reduces wind noise while you listen to the outside world, without removing your earbuds


Audio codecs for enhanced music quality

Spotify Tap playback

Instant access to your music

Customizable EQ

Hear your music your way with the customizable equalizer, available in the Jabra Sound+ app

6-microphone technology

For crystal clear calls

Ease of use

Rechargeable battery

Up to 8 hours battery in the buds (ANC on), and up to 32 hours with the case

Wireless charging

Compatible with Qi-enabled wireless charging pads (wireless charger available separately)

Fast charge

5 minutes of charge gets you up to 1 hour of battery

Fast Pair

Pair to your mobile device in an instant. Works with Android OS 6.0 or higher

Microsoft Swift Pair

Pair to your computer or tablet in an instant. Works with Windows 10 or higher

Voice Assistant access

Talk to your preferred voice assistant by pressing the left button (native Phone VA) or just saying "Hey Google" (Google Assistant) to get started.


Configure your button functions with MyControls, available in the Jabra Sound+ app

Design & comfort

Closed earbud design

Designed to achieve a sealed fit that helps with noise isolation

Jabra ShakeGrip™

Higher friction material that helps the bud stay securely in the ear


IP68-rated earbuds

Highest IP rating for completely water and dustproof earbuds

IP54-rated case

Splash and dust resistant


Ultra durable earbuds tested against military standards


Tested against salt water splashes so a run on the beach or a particularly high impact workout is never a problem

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