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Microsoft SURFACE DIAL (2WS-00004)
  • Microsoft 2WS-00004 (Main)
  • Microsoft 2WS-00004 (Main)
  • Microsoft 2WS-00004
  • Microsoft 2WS-00004 (Alternate-Image1)
  • Microsoft 2WS-00004 (Alternate-Image2)

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Microsoft Surface Dial - A new tool for the creative process compatible with all Windows 10 Devices (2WS-00004) On sale!
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Microsoft SURFACE DIALER (2WS-00004) On sale!
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Surface Dial - Press and hold Surface Dial to display a radial menu of tools, making it easier and faster to do the things you love your way, while supporting your workflow. Make everyday tasks simple and fun. Adjust the volume on your favourite Groove track. Scroll through news articles without touching your keyboard or mouse. Fly through your local city in Windows Maps.

Key features of the Surface Dial  

  • A new tool for the creative process
  • On-screen interaction with the Surface Studio and the new Surface Pro
  • Designed to transform the way you create
  • Transition seamlessly through tasks
  • Simplify and find your flow
  • Easy access to shortcuts, controls, drawing tools, and more
  • Compatible with all Windows 10 devices




Supported device

Display & graphics

Display height
30 mm, 30 mm

Exterior & appearance


Product info

Product line
Surface Dial
Product name
Surface Dial 3D Input Device
Product type
3D Input Device
Microsoft Corporation
Vendor code
Vendor site

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