Targus HUB NET 6-in-2 MacBook Pro Gray (GN28N-GRAY)
  • Targus GN28N-GRAY (Main)
  • Targus GN28N-GRAY
  • Targus GN28N-GRAY (Alternate-Image9)
  • Targus GN28N-GRAY (Alternate-Image1)
  • Targus GN28N-GRAY (Alternate-Image2)
  • Targus GN28N-GRAY (Alternate-Image3)
  • Targus GN28N-GRAY (Alternate-Image4)
  • Targus GN28N-GRAY (Alternate-Image5)
  • Targus GN28N-GRAY (Alternate-Image6)
  • Targus GN28N-GRAY (Alternate-Image7)
  • Targus GN28N-GRAY (Alternate-Image8)

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Hyper NET 6-in-2 USB-C Hub - for Notebook/Desktop PC - 100 W - USB Type C - 4K, 5K - 3840 x 2160, 5120 x 2880 - 2 x USB Type-A Ports - USB Type-A - USB Type-C - HDMI - Space Gray - Wired - Gigabit Ethernet




Supported device
Notebook/Desktop PC

Display & graphics

Display depth
10.9 mm
Display height
10.9 mm, 136.9 mm
Display width
27.9 mm

Networking & connectivity

Ethernet technology
Gigabit Ethernet

Power, battery & charging

Power supply (Max watts)
100 W

Exterior & appearance

USB Type-C
USB Type-C
USB-C ports that support power delivery and data (40Gbps/100W + 5Gbps/60W).


Product line
Product name
NET 6-in-2 USB-C Hub
Product model
Product type
Docking Station
Targus Group International
Vendor code
Vendor site

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