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XYZ Printing Da Vinci Colour-XYZ daVinci Colour 3D Printer
  • XYZ Printing 3FC1XXAU00A
  • XYZ Printing 3FC1XXAU00A

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Life is colourful!
The da Vinci Color by XYZprinting is the first FFF full color 3D printer for your desktop with true color technology. This is made possible by the combination of inkjet and 3D printing technology. For its color 3D printing technology, XYZprinting has filed more than 40 patents worldwide. Using CMYK inkjet technology, ink droplets adhere to the color-absorbing PLA filament.
The different coloured ink droplets are used to colour an absorbent PLA. This allows you to create amazing coloured 3D prints with da Vinci Color. XYZPrinting has put a lot of emphasis on trouble-free operation for you while developing the Da Vinci Colour. 3D prints in colour at a great price, because creativity and user-friendliness are in the foreground.
High production quality for unique parts
In addition to colour 3D printing, this device also allows you to produce monochrome 3D prints with a very high quality and high production speed.
Brand new integrated experience
Control your 3D prints easily and reliably with the da Vinci Color from XYZPrinting. This is done by means of a user-friendly colour touchscreen. With this you can use innovative functions. For example, you can set up automatic platform correction and wireless connection to your network. The XYZPrinting da Vinci Colour has numerous sensors. For example, it detects whether filament is inserted undamaged. If the colour filament is missing or damaged, it stops 3D printing. Continue manufacturing later.
Buy the XYZprinting da Vinci Colour to realise low-cost full colour FFF 3D prints using inkjet technology.


- Realise 3D prints in breathtaking quality
- Powerful software makes 3D printing in color easy
- Convert 2D photos to 3D models
- Building space: 200 x 200 x 150 mm
- 12.7 cm color touch display for easy operation
- Automatic leveling of the build platform
- Colour-full 3D printing
- The unique 3D technology ensures unique components. Your 3D prints with da Vinci Color by XYZprinting will shine in color and enchant you.



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