01) Store everything. Ranging from 1 to 180 bays, with storage capacities up to 2.1pb of storage, Synology provides a versatile and flexible solution for any SMB and SME.

02) Ease of Access: Great for on-the-go access, from traveling, to work-at-home staff. Combine this with the new collaboration office suite, Cloud Service compatibility, and also inter-branch sync in real-time, the Synology NAS is highly accessible in many different forms. 

03) Set-up in minutes: No need to be an IT pro. Synology’s ‘Synology Assistant’ can also help to walk you through the process. Reduce Overhead IT costs with a user friendly interface.

04) Synology caters for a wide range of environments, from media storage, photography, and education to Government sectors, corporate environments and many more.

05) With the ability host your own mail server, file server, Active directory, and business office suit, Synology makes and ideal solution to replace multiple aging business servers.

06)  Robust and reliable, with less than 1% RMA rate, with over 4 million units sold in over 80 countries, Synology is proven on a global scale.

07) Powered by Synology’s very own O/S DiskStation Manager, and built in packages, It is much more than a NAS. Extend its capabilities to Surveillance, Private (and Hybrid) Cloud, a total back-up solution with offsite replication with no hidden costs or on-going subscriptions. Not to mention free periodic updates to keep your NAS running the latest and greatest software.

08) Enterprise performance, without the price-tag that follows, supports SSD Caching, 10GbE, 25GbE and 40GbE networks with high IOPS, and certified for a wide range of virtualisation solutions such as VMware, vSphere, Windows Server, Citrix XenServer and Openstack Cinder, making it an ideal cost effective solution for your VM

09) With local representation, you are supported locally by expert staff with 20 Years of experience.

10) Synology is more than a box or a simple NAS, it’s a total solution that works with you, not around you. Run your IT YOUR way.

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