Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides a full range of mobility and workplace solutions
that manage devices, applications and content. From robust campus networking to
developer tools and more, Acquire and HPE help you empower your
employees to choose the right path to achieve their personal best every day.
Why Accelerate Your Mobility and Workplace Transformation?
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Operate with Cloud Efficiency

Simplify IT operations with one control platform to deploy, monitor, analyse and update, all by a single IT generalist. 


Consume with Cloud Flexibility

Deliver the business a cloud-like experience with multi-tenant workspaces that eliminates stranded capacity and flexes on demand. 


Deploy at Cloud Speed

Empower developers and lines of business with a self-service portal that can instantly compose and recompose VMs in minutes. 

Engage with the Hyper-Converged Experts
Talk to your Acquire Business Manager about bringing the Experts to your
business and tailoring solutions to suit your long term requirements.
Clear costs and terms
Your contractual terms and pricing are articulated upfront.

End-of-term alerts
We will issue more than four months’ notice so you can make timely end-of-term decisions.  

Online visibility
We will provide 24/7 online access to your portfolio and billing details.

Data Security - Data lives in many places.
We can help by securely removing any remaining data in your returned equipment.

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