With the risk of malware infection constantly rising with new infections spreading rapidly on a daily basis, McAfee Labs have seen a 165% rise in Ransomware in 2015 alone with newer versions constantly emerging, including the new “Wannacry” also called: Decryptor 2.0, WCry 2, WannaCry 2, and Wannacry Decryptor.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a malware that prevents or limits users from accessing their system, either by locking the systems screen or by locking the users files unless a ransom sum has been paid. Modern Ransomware categorize themselves as crypto-ransomware.

Is there a prevention?

We’ve all heard about updating your operating system, installing an anti-virus, and a security suite, avoiding suspicious files and disabling remote access. These methods can help, but by no means guarantees safety, are not in any way a contingency plan. The real question to ask yourself is what if I do get attacked? because it all happens with a single click  the best plan is a backup plan.

How can I get my data back?

There are two ways to retrieve your data, either let the malware win and pay the ransom sum, or have an active backup strategy in place as contingency. Having multiple backed-up copies of your data that you can revert back to is the best way to combat ransomware with out the fees.

How is Synology the answer?

Synology’s operating system DiskStation Manager (DSM) provides a few handy features at no additional charge. Synology’s comprehensive multi-version backup allows you to revert your data back to pre-infected status, effectively eliminating the need to pay any ransom.

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