Whatever your business requires, Acquire has a way to help. Here are just some of the services we can provide either ourselves or with the assistance of our vendors and distribution partners. To find out more about any of these services, or if you'd like us to help out in some other way, Acquire an IT services expert today.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Using a systematic approach, Acquire takes care of all inventory management, ensuring we have the right stock, at the right levels, in the right place at the right time.

Handling everything from warehousing, asset tagging, reporting, BIOS updates and asset movement records, we’ve got it covered:

  • Inventory Procurement
  • Inventory Management – Min/Max and stock replenishment
  • Monthly inventory reporting (stock holding, value, usage, lead times)
  • Unit/Carton/Pallet Storage – weekly/monthly
  • Asset tagging – Device asset tagging/BIOS update and recording
  • Order Administration – Incoming goods (Serialised and un-serialised stock)
  • Order Administration – Outgoing goods (Serialised and un-serialised stock)
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Acquire offers a range of fulfilment services on behalf of our customers. We cover all your needs around your ICT requirements, managing your inventory logistics and fulfilment:

  • Direct purchasing support –ordering, lead-time management
  • ETA updates
  • Freight management
  • Unit/Carton/Pallet Storage – weekly/monthly
  • Customs clearance
  • Part-ship consolidation and outward logistics
  • Forward and Reverse Logistics
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Customer Configuration

Customer Configuration

From installing your custom software to dynamically configuring and labelling devices, our configuration services can save your organisation time, costs and increase productivity.

We will ensure your devices are custom configured to your exact specifications with ease, catering for small and large scale project deployments. We take care of your network licensing, installation and registration, and handle all your specific software or firmware updates with a comprehensive QA service to ensure delivery compliance:

  • Hardware and Rack assembly
  • Software / Firmware updates
  • Device specific configuration as provided by customer
  • Device imaging
  • Bench and Burn-in testing using OEM specified test procedures
  • Network license installation and registration
  • QA
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Tailored Rollout & Product Refresh

Tailored Rollout & Product Refresh

Acquire offers a proven tailored national rollout solution. We will manage the entire product life-cycle, allowing our customers to focus on their service delivery and customer needs.

From equipment bundling, configuration and testing, to recovery, repair and redeployment, we will ensure the equipment is onsite as your engineer arrives and arrange the collection, refurbishment and redeployment, sale or disposal of legacy equipment.

  • Project rollout – BOM storage and inventory management
  • Equipment bundling, assembly, configuration, testing, asset tagging and timed dispatch to multiple locations nationwide
  • Equipment recovery from customer sites, along with refresh/repair
  • Unit/Carton/Pallet Storage – weekly/monthly
  • Equipment redeployment
  • Recycling
  • Bulk resale
  • Device Trade-in
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Reverse Logistics and Repairs

Reverse Logistics and Repairs

Our mobile repair and device break fix services complete our suite of value added services to our reseller and vendor network. We have a certified state of the art repair laboratory…

…that can manage any device service model from low-level repair and replacement, right up to complex base-band and RF component repairs and calibration. Our large team of experienced technicians and engineers pride themselves on industry leading quality and work tirelessly to analyse, repair and refurbish a range of devices for our clients:

  • Device DOA/fault management
  • Device fault analysis – repair/replacement
  • Reverse Logistics services
  • Mobile Insurance
  • Bespoke Managed Service Solutions
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