1. Scope

Suppliers, vendors, contractors, consultants, agents, and other providers of goods and/or services (collectively “suppliers”) who do business with Acquire Global Group are expected to comply with this Acquire Global Group Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Suppliers (“Supplier Code”). Nothing in this Supplier Code is intended to supersede any more specific provision/s in a particular existing contract. The following document outlines the behaviours, processes, and procedures which the Acquire Global Group observes as the minimum standard for conducting business in a safe, professional, legal, and ethical manner and in a way that demonstrates corporate social and environmental responsibility.

  • Ethical business practices to accept personal responsibility for behaving professionally, ethically and with integrity and fairness.
  • Social behaviour to conform to relevant labour standards.
  • Environmental behaviour to recognise the importance of reducing environmental impacts.
  • Modern Slavery Act (2018) compliance.

2. Ethical Business Practices

Acquire Global Group holds its suppliers accountable to the following standards of ethical conduct in their business practices and daily interactions:

  • Avoid any relationship, financial or otherwise, with any Acquire Global Group employee that may conflict, or appear to conflict, with their obligation to act in the best interest of Acquire Global Group. If a supplier is a family relation (spouse or domestic partner, child, parent or parent in-law, sibling) to an employee Acquire Global Group, or if a supplier has any other relationship with an employee of Acquire Global Group that may represent a conflict of interest, the supplier should report this to an Acquire Global Group Executive Team member.
  • Refrain from giving Acquire Global Group employees any gifts, favours or entertainment intended to improperly influence, or could be perceived to improperly influence, their business judgment or performance. Common business lunches of modest expense are acceptable if the intent does not improperly influence a business decision or create a potential conflict of interest. Employees with responsibility for procurement, supply chain or purchasing decisions are restricted from receiving gifts or entertainment from current or potential suppliers. Gifts of cash or cash equivalents, such as gift cards, are strictly prohibited unless supplied under authorised advertising and promotional activity.
  • Properly protect all confidential, proprietary, and personal information provided by Acquire Global Group. Any supplier wanting to enter into a non-disclosure agreement with Acquire Global Group should contact their Acquire Global Group Procurement representative.
  • Obtain prior approval from a member of Acquire Global Group management prior to all visits to any Acquire Global Group site/location. Refrain from being Acquire Global Group premises without an Acquire Global Group representative.
  • Keep accurate records of all matters related to business with Acquire Global Group. This includes the proper recording of all expenses and payments. If Acquire Global Group is being charged for a supplier employee's time, time records must be complete and accurate. Suppliers should not delay sending an invoice or otherwise facilitate issuing invoices for a different accounting period.
  • Refrain from all forms of illegal or improper activity, including corruption, collusion, misrepresentation, extortion, embezzlement, bribery, or insider trading. Comply with all applicable local, state, federal, and international laws and regulations.
  • Conduct business in accordance with all applicable anti-trust or anti-competition laws and regulations.

3. Social Behaviour

Acquire Global Group expects its suppliers to maintain and promote fundamental human rights by abiding to the following standards:

  • Supplier employees should not be forced, bonded, indentured, or subjected to any involuntary form of labour. Adhere to the minimum employment age limit defined by national law and regulations.
  • Ensure wages meet legally mandated minimums and industry standards without unauthorised deductions. Ensure working hours comply with local laws and regulations and industry practice and voluntary overtime is at manageable levels.
  • Treat all employees fairly and not discriminate against any employee or group.
  • Provide a safe work environment, abiding by local laws and regulations, and respecting the health and well-being of employees. When on-site at any Acquire Global Group location, adhere to all Acquire Global Group safety standards.

4. Environmental Behaviour

Acquire Global Group has a commitment to the communities in which it operates and a responsibility for the environment it impacts. Acquire Global Group seeks to work with suppliers that share this commitment and expects its suppliers to promote environmental efficiency and protection.

5. Modern Slavery Act Australia, New Zealand

Acquire Global Group requires all its suppliers to adhere to ethical sourcing principles and to ensure no exploitation occurs anywhere in the supply chain in accordance with the Modern Slavery Acts

6. Accountability and Reporting

If a supplier violates this Supplier Code, either generally or with respect to a supplier facility, Acquire Global Group may either terminate its business relationship, generally or with the affected facility, or may require the affected facility to implement a corrective action plan. Acquire Global Group will continue to develop its monitoring systems to assess and ensure compliance with this Code.

Suppliers who believe an employee of Acquire Global Group, or anyone acting on behalf of Acquire Global Group, has engaged in illegal or otherwise improper conduct, should report the matter to any Acquire Global Group Executive Team member.

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