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Product was discontinued 10 Sep 19


Optical Vertical Grip mouse relieves muscle strain and discomfort. Works on both USB PC's and Macs. Small/Medium Size.Active computer users and Internet explorers are increasingly using the mouse as primary input device. As a result of this extended non-neutral posture many people are experiencing hand, wrist and shoulder problems. The unique vertical grip keeps the hand and arm in a more neutral posture. This has been shown to reduce muscle load and the incidence of discomfort associated with disorders such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other OOS injuries.A programmable third button is included which can perform many actions including a scrolling feature in some applications. Available in Small/Medium and Large. Two Sizes for the Best Fit Lay your palm flat and measure the width of your hand (excluding thumb)Up to 90 mm: smallMore than 90 mm: large


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