H&S (Heilig and Schubert Software AG) has been developing software solutions for capturing, archiving, managing and distributing business documents and information with ECM (Enterprise content Management) since 1989.

Their exceptional products include:
exchange@PAM - a complete email lifecycle management solution with all the features to ensure complete compliance with all regulatory needs. exchange@PAM seamlessly integrates with your MS Exchange servers; email clients (Outlook) will have access to their email as always through outlook, OWA and exchange@PAM web access.

file@PAM - a complete solution for document management. Just let file@PAM know what folders your want to watch and the rules you set in file@PAM will do the rest. Your file severs only need to hold often used files, all the rest simply become shortcuts to the file@PAM store.

H&S document management beyond imitation – supplied and supported in New Zealand and Australia by Daisy Solutions Ltd

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