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Cost effective, secure Internet access control and detailed reporting

SecureME is a service which builds on your standard Broadband connection. It gives small and medium-sized businesses greater control over their broadband connection - pulling security and monitoring into one simple system.

Combining hardware and software as well as a managed service, SecureME provides features and functionality usually found in separate traditional Internet security devices. It helps you achieve optimal performance, comprehensive security and control of your broadband Internet connection in one simple solution.

SecureME ensures you have the level of control and the information you need to proactively manage your broadband connection. This means getting the best from your communications, web, email and VoIP, while helping to protect your business from hackers and viruses. It also helps you ensure that employees are using your Internet connection for business, by providing usage and site monitoring capabilities.

Key features

  • Total security with a stateful inspection firewall
  • Central management with complete visibility and control from anywhere in the world, 24/7
  • Internet filtering and reporting gives you control over what your staff/users view online
  • IDS reporting details attacks or attempted hacks
  • Alerts to tell you when you are getting close to your Internet spend threshold, with an optional cut-off function to stop all Internet traffic once you have exceeded your maximum threshold
  • VPN connectivity for a simple and secure link between offices and staff
  • Anti-spam solution to remove spam and viruses from email boxes (NB: require third-party software). This is an additional service that customers can subscribe to for an additional monthly fee


SecureME starts at $150.00 per month (excludes broadband connection). Anti-spam solution is additional.

Billing is done monthly and SecureME is billed one month in advance.

Things you should know

  • Billing starts when the SecureME unit is activated
  • Contracts are for 36 months, with a minimum period of 1 year
  • To subscribe to SecureME, you must have a nominated site administrator

How to get it

To get SecureME, fill in this form and fax back to 09 579 4777 SecureME Acquire form

Further information

For product demonstration visit You will need a username and password to use this demonstration. These are:

Username: customer
Password: demodemo

For more information you can download the following brochures